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Hydropool swim spas are the perfect way to swim every day. Imagine never having to turn or touch a wall. Our current of swimming allows you to concentrate on your swimming technique and enjoy the fluidity of a current perfectly adapted to your level of conditioning. Our AquaFlow jet stream gives you a wider, deeper, nicer stream. The design of our tank has no hidden hurdles, that your feet could hit your swim line, such as steps or benches - which will give you a greater swimming experience than other swim spas.

Hydropool Self-Cleaning hot tubs and swim spas feature a worry-free indicator to ensure that both the Self-Cleaning and Eco-heat Exchange systems are active, reassuring you and your family of our Safe Water Guarantee.


Hydropool originated in 1980 and has become one of the largest hot tub and swim spa retailers and manufacturers in the world. Whether it’s our products, knowledgeable advice, or after-sales service and support, our team must give our customers not just great service but the best experience in the hot tub industry..

HYDROPOOL advantages

There are three main components to the perfect massage: pumps, plumbing, and jets. At Hydropool we believe that to truly understand the science of the perfect massage, all three components need to be looked at as one single entity to produce the best massage. Hydrotherapy is about flow rate (gallons per minute - GPM) and optimum pressure, not horse power (HP).


Your Hydropool hot tub filters 100% of the water every 15 minutes. This means that the hot tub does not have to be operating as often in order to filter the same amount of water as our competitors, making it the most energy efficient filtration system in the world. This heavy-duty safety hardcover contains an insulated baffle in the fold area, locking the heat in and the cold out.

Triple thermal shield technology uses aluminum foil to reflect heat back into the hot tub, as well as black backing and pipes designed to maximize heat absorption. This very same technology is used by NASA to protect its astronauts from the -270 degree cold of outer space. Our pumps are engineered to produce high flow rates with low energy output, resulting in filtration that is 26% more efficient than the competition.

Each pump creates 1.5 kW of waste heat and our triple thermal shield blanket reflects that heat back into our hot tub cavity. HydroWise thermal vents maximize energy efficiency for any season and any climate.

Hydropool hot tubs are ranked in the top three globally for stand-by wattage and energy efficiency, and were one of the first to be approved under the strict California Energy Commission regulations.