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SILENSOR PRO pool pump

The Nirvana Silensor Pro Pool Pump is a variable speed pump that provides full control over operating speed. This pool pump, developed by Davey, is made of high-quality, durable materials: the case is made of UV-stabilized plastic and the internal metal parts are made of stainless steel, which avoids the risk of corrosion and increases reliability and durability.

The Silensor pump motor cools with the pool water while transferring its heat to the water, which warms the pool water slightly and prevents energy loss. This pump is also very quiet. The sound level is estimated at 54-56 decibels, a low level that corresponds to the sound level of a conversation. The Silensor variable speed pump is equipped with a backwash cycle that you can easily select. It also has an oversized 4.5-liter basket that's easy to remove for proper maintenance, as well as thermal protection that cuts off the pump when there is no more water flowing.

  • Control of variable speed - 1500 rpm at 3600 rpm
  • Oversized 4.5L basket - easy to remove
  • Protection thermal - cuts when there is no more water circulation
  • Union in quality ABS - for easy installation
  • Water-cooled engine - very quiet
  • Draining knob - allows rapid drainage of the case

You can enjoy your in-ground pool in peace. 3 years warranty from Nirvana.