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SYMPHONY - Fiberglass

  • Symphony 7: 22’ 12” X 12’ 10” X 3’ 11” – 5’ 1” / 7.0m X 3.9m X 1.20 - 1.55m
  • Symphony 8: 26’ 3” X 12’ 10” X 3’ 11” – 5’ 5” / 8.0m X 3.9m X 1.20 - 1.65m
  • Symphony 9: 29’ 6” X 12’ 10” X 3’ 11” – 5’ 8” / 9.0m X 3.9m X 1.20 - 1.73m
  • Symphony 10: 32’ 8” X 12’ 10” X 3’ 11” – 6’ 1” / 10.0m X 3.9m X 1.20 - 1.86m
  • Symphony 11: 36’ 1” X 12’ 10” X 3’ 11” – 6’ 5” / 11.0m X 3.9m X 1.20 - 1.95m
Why Fiberglass Swimming Pools?

Fibreglass pools have taken a great leap forward in popularity recently thanks to the introduction of new technology. Fibreglass swimming pools are:

  • Durable and flexible. Fibreglass pools are less susceptible to rot or rust, and will flex rather than crack with ground movement.
  • Easy to clean. Our technologically advanced pool surfaces stay clean for longer, and are easier to clean.
  • Easy maintenance. We offer only the best cleaning equipment, filters, heaters and lighting.
  • Various colours, shapes and sizes. Our swimming pools come in a wide range of colours shapes and sizes.
  • Reliable. With a Narellan pool, what you see is what you get. Our fibreglass pools are built from pre-fabricated moulds under factory controlled conditions, which means that quality does not vary and days are not lost in production due to rain, wind, heat or cold.
  • Peace of mind. Our swimming pools offer consistent quality and faster production, so clients get their pool efficiently.
  • Extending the Swimming Season. Due to its thermal properties, Narellan fibreglass pools heat quicker and cool slower.

What’s better than taking advantage of your pool or spa as soon as possible? The monohull styles are equipped with a final coating of Gelcoat iso NPG ensuring a smooth surface which can be washed 80 times faster than concrete and 50 times faster than canvas. All of our styles can be installed in one day, as soon as the day following your order. With high density urethane insulation, you can extend your outdoor swimming season much longer or even keep your Urbania spa open all year long. Here are the styles we are offering, all designed and made in our Montreal factory.

The pools

We have designed a perfect style that fits urban spaces as well as any other projects you may have, it is a right uncompromising balance. Our pool styles can be ordered in commercial grade with more reinforcing support. Our URBAINE style can integrate smoothly an on the spot swimming system which will give you a new asset to your wonderful pool. We are proud to offer you our available pool style.